The origin of Brand name

The origin of Brand name The name ‘SAWANOTSURU’literally means ‘crane of the swamp’. The origin of the name comes from Japanese mythology.
~Once upon a time, a deity(倭姫命) found a crane crying and holding a sheaf of rice in its beak at the swamp near Ise shrine.(伊勢神宮)
She was moved because even a crane would offer rice to the shrine. She ordered another deity(伊佐波登美神) to brew sake from the rice and offer it to the god of the shrine.

 Afterwards, she cherished the crane as the god of food.(大歳神)~

In Japanese, swamp=SAWA(沢)which has a good image like an oasis that provides animals and plants with an enough water and sunlight.

We hope our sake can also enrich man's life like the swamp.

1717 Established
1885 Created“澤の鶴”(SAWANOTSURU) trademark

1900’s Sawanotsuru
1900’s Sawanotsuru

The head shop of Osaka in 1900
The headquarters and shop of Osaka in 1900

1919 organized as a joint-stock company.
1949 started exporingt to Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco


1962 founded first brewery 四季醸造蔵*「西蔵」 “NISHI-GURA”
1971 founded second brewery 四季醸造工場「瑞宝蔵」 “ZUIHO-GURA”
1978 constructed the “Sawanotsuru Museum”
1980 The museum was recognized as a cultural property of Hyogo prefecture
1987 “DAIGINJO BYAKUROURAN”,“DAIGINJO ZUICHO”and “GENSYU”won The Gold Medal at the 25th annual Monde Selection
1991 designed a new SAWANOTSURU trademark and Corporate Identity
1995 All wooden breweries and the museum were destroyed by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
1999 rebuilt the“Sawanotsuru Museum”

The number of visitors to the Museum since it opened in 1987 surpassed a million people.

Acquired ISO14001:2004

2005 “GINJO HITOHANA GLASS” won The Grand Prize and The Design Prize at the 2005 Japan Champion Cup conducted by Sakebunka Institute
2006 Sawanotsuru brewery won The Prestige Award at the 45th Monde Selection
2007 Revised ISO14001:2004 in March 14
2010 Revised ISO14001:2010 in March 14

Automated brewery which maintains an even temperature which allows sake to be brewed year-round.

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Sawanotsuru Junmai nama-chozo(rich&flesh)

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SAWANOTSURU CO., LTD. brewing SAKE in Nishigo,the realm of Nada since 1717
5-1-2, Shinzaike-minamimachi, Nada-ku, Kobe, 657-0864, Japan.

Enjoy alcohol within the proper limits at a legally admitted age.

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