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Japanese Sake (Nihonshu) has been deeply rooted in the way of life of the Japanese people since ancient times and has played an integral part in molding the unique culture of Japan. The Sake brewing process is an important part of the Japanese culture, hence the reason for the pride instilled in the country’s national beverage. Since its establishment 290 years ago, Sawanotsuru has embraced the tradition and culture of the Nada style of brewing and remained devoted to improving quality, developing innovative, new techniques, conducting careful research into combinations of Japanese Sake and cuisine and teaching the Japanese Sake culture to the people of Japan and all over the world so you can enjoy the true taste of Nada Sake. While remaining true to the tradition of the Nada style of brewing, Sawanotsuru is committed to producing Japanese Sake that is in step with the times and promoting a new, fresh Japanese culture to Japan.

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Sawanotsuru Junmai nama-chozo(rich&flesh)

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SAWANOTSURU CO., LTD. brewing SAKE in Nishigo,the realm of Nada since 1717
5-1-2, Shinzaike-minamimachi, Nada-ku, Kobe, 657-0864, Japan.

Enjoy alcohol within the proper limits at a legally admitted age.

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