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Japanese Sake brewed by Sawanotsuru is exported to approximately 30 countries including the UK, Korea, America, South East Asia, and all over Europe.

Major exporting countries

We are currently experiencing a global Japanese Sake Boom

The volume of exported Japanese Sake is largely increasing every year. Japanese cuisine which was once a fad, has now become a part of the lives of people in major cities all over the world and as a result, interest in Sake is also on the rise. Sawanotsuru is currently researching which products best suit foreign markets and supply channels based on customer information sourced from all over the world.

World Class Quality

Remaining true to traditional brewing methods, Sawanotsuru has been the recipient of the Monde Selection Grand Gold Medal 5 times, the Gold Medal 41 times and in 2007 was awarded the Prestige Award. The taste and quality of our products is recognized all around the world.

World Class Quality
The Crystal Prestige Trophy

Passing on the sake brewing culture to future generations

The Sawanotsuru Museum is recreating scenes from sake breweries of the past through a variety of exhibits depicting the history, knowledge and traditional equipment of our predecessors. Various improvements have been made to enable a real life experience of the history and culture of Japan through its Sake culture.

Passing on the sake brewing culture to future generations
The Sawanotsuru Museum

Japanese Sake - A treasure trove of natural amino acids

Just as an old Japanese proverb states (Alcohol is a cure for all ailments), the moderate consumption of alcohol has always had a connection of some kind with good health. Recent research has revealed that this belief is partly due to the natural amino acids that are contained in large quantities in Japanese Sake. Amino acids are also currently being used in cosmetics due to their moisture retaining properties.

Japanese Sake - A treasure trove of natural amino acids
research worker:M.Moriwaki

Research into matching Japanese sake with international cuisine

Sawanotsuru has set up an internal project team to conduct research into getting the most out of each of its products.One area of research is focusing on categorizing Sake into 4 flavor categories (aromatic, light&crisp, mellow and mature) and matching them up with cuisine from all over the world.

Research into matching Japanese sake with international cuisine
Complements of Sake and Dishes

Different ways to enjoy Japanese Sake

One distinctive characteristic of Japanese Sake is that it can be enjoyed hot and cold, and at a variety of temperatures in between. The taste of Japanese Sake will vary greatly depending on the temperature at which it is drunk and Sawanotsuru has established 8 different temperature ranges to enable consumers to get the most out of each of its products.


Serving Temperature
Sake taste and flavour will slightly change by temperature. We have called those serving temperature in original name. It’s difficult to control serving temperature, however, you can enjoy several taste of one sake by only changing temperature. Here we introduce those names of temperature and easy way of serving sake at different temperature. Please put your cursor on the picture of Tokkuris and glasses.

Put your cursor on the temperature to see the details.


  • 5℃(41F) snow cool
  • 10℃(50F) flower cool
  • 15℃(59F) refreshing cool
  • 20~25℃(68~77F) room temperature
  • 30~35℃(86~95F) sunny warm
  • 35~40℃(95~104F) body temperature
  • 40~45℃(104~113F) lukewarm
  • 45~50℃(113~122F) moderately warm
  • 50~60℃(122~140F) exceptionally warm

※Original sake temperature and room temperature should be kept 20-25℃(68-77F).

※Please turn off the fire when you take a Tokkuri in the boiled water.

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Sawanotsuru Junmai nama-chozo(rich&flesh)

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